Mom- go back to work already!

As I have written about before, prior to our move I was working full time at a job I really enjoyed.  This was not without stress, and since we moved I have been home with the kids.  Recently I have decided to pursue an opportunity that is similar to the work I was doing before and have been going on interviews.  I mentioned this to my 5 year old daughter to keep her in the loop on this latest development.  The conversation did not go at all how I expected.

Me: Mommy has a job interview.  That is where they ask a bunch of questions and then decide if they want mommy to come work for them.  How would you feel if mommy went back to work every day?
H: I would love it!
Me: Why?
H:  You could come in my class and talk about what your job is.  I would like that.
Me: If I started back to work you would stay at school and mommy would pick you up after work.
H: Great!  I would get to play with my friends, and I wouldn't have to walk home.

Since this conversation she has asked me every day when I am going back to work.  For years I have been agonizing about whether I am spending enough time with the kids, and feeling guilty about being at work.  Turns out, my oldest actually prefers it that way!

Now H has been in daycare since she was 3 months old.  And that is what she is used to.  Me being at home more is a change for her.  One thing about her reaction struck me though.  I appreciated her comment that she wanted to share what I do for work with her friends.  I did this when we were in Ohio and I suppose it stuck with her.  One of the reasons I enjoy working is to show her that it is possible (although not always easy!) to have a career and a family.  That women can be a mommy and something else too.  To her this is normal, and she is proud of me.  And that is the best compliment ever.


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