The most underrated developmental milestones

Parenting in this day and age requires you to track your children's milestones.  No matter how neurotic or lax a parent you are, every pediatrician I have been to asks  how many words your child is saying, if they can point to 3 body parts by the age of 1, etc.  Never mind the checklists my kids came home with from daycare.  My personal favorite was the narrative on Hannah's 3 month (you read that right) report that said "she knows what she wants".  Clearly not much has changed.

But I digress.  Over the years I have diligently tracked my children's milestones, some more detailed than others.  Overall we are very lucky and they are pretty much on target.  Lately I have been  thankful for some of the milestones that no one asks you to track.

So here is my list of my favorite underrated developmental milestones that my children have hit recently.  Feel free to add your own!

Morning routine: This used to be such a battle with my daughter.  The past month she has been getting up on her own, getting dressed, and coming downstairs all ready for school.  I am probably jinxing it by writing this but this makes life so much easier.

Independent play:  I love playing with my children.  I also love it when they will play together.  In the basement.  Without screaming.  For more than 3 seconds at a time.  Which is actually happening right now (yay!)

Wiping noses.  My children can both retrieve their own kleenex and wipe their own noses.  Enough said.

Mealtimes:  While family dinners are far from relaxing we have reached the point where all 4 of us sit at the table for at least 10 minutes and eat (or refuse to eat) the same food. .

School:  My daughter goes to  school every day from 7:30 to 2:15 EVERY DAY.  She is learning things and has a teacher that has instilled in her a love for learning.

Toilet training:  My son is still in diapers but he is trained to vomit in the toilet.  This is a huge accomplishment in our house as he has a sensitive stomach and this is a frequent occurrence.

Random I love yous:  this is by far the best thing.  H has been randomly saying "I love you Mommy" all the time and I really don't think she is trying to butter me up!  Of course A copies everything she does and follows her lead.  Love those kids!


  1. Great post, Pam! I look forward to some of these milestones for us!


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