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As I have mentioned, I am currently in between jobs.  Since our move last summer I have been at home with the kids.  I loved my work and really miss it.  I am hoping to be able to do something similar here in Georgia, but it is taking a bit longer than anticipated.

Let me also preface this post by saying that I am writing this at 11 AM when both kids are at school and the house is quiet and not at 6 PM when my kids are reenacting a UFC fighting match on the living room rug.  That’s a whole different blog post.

That being said, there are some perks to being home with the kids.  Of course there are the ones I knew I would enjoy- being around for H after school, taking A to music class and discovering how much he loves it.   (Although can we talk about music class for a second?  I thought I was paying someone to teach my kid about music and I would sit in the background.  Oh no.  The parents are expected to sing and dance around.  In front of mirrors.  While trying not to make eye contact with each other as if doing so would cement how lame it actually is.  However my 3 yr old seems to love it.  And by love it I mean he picks his nose less during music class than other times of the day).  

It is definitely harder work for me than going to my old job every day, for sure.  I have managed to carve out a bit of time for me...and I am loving that.  Here are a few unexpected perks of my new stay at home mom position:

Mid afternoon naps: I really should have moved to Spain.  I would nap every day if given the opportunity. This does not happen often, but every once in a while I can squeeze in a 20 min nap around 3 pm.  Heaven.

 The Chew: Has anyone else watched this awesome show?  I am hooked.  It is complete mindless television and is fantastic.  Clinton Kelly is the main host, with other chefs.  They talk, they eat, they cook.  Have I sold you yet?  I will be dvring this one for a while.

 Zumba: I started working out pretty regularly for the first time in years and I have to admit it feels pretty good.  My favorite is the Zumba class on Monday mornings.  The average age has to be pushing 70 which is perfect for my uncoordinated self.  Also there are no mirrors in the gym so I feel like a rockstar.  You haven't lived until you've danced burlesque with a group of senior citizens.

Volunteering:  I have been helping out in H's school once per week.  I am probably the worst volunteer in history as I cannot cut or trace in a straight line.  That being said it is fun to go and see her in school, and she is still happy to hug me in front of her friends.

So there you go.  I look forward to going back to work, but am going to enjoy this time while I have it.  And if you know anyone looking to hire a counselor who knows a lot about medical school, let me know!


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