Taste of home

As most of you know, we recently moved from Ohio to Georgia.  We had lived in Ohio for the past 6 years, the longest either my husband or I had lived in one place since high school.  Our children were born in Columbus, and while you would never catch us rooting for the Buckeyes, Ohio State holds a special place in our hearts.  Our children were born there, and we both discovered our passion for academic medicine there.  In Columbus we grew as parents, and as professionals.

Overall our transition to Atlanta has been smooth.  We love the area we live in, it is exactly where we want our kids to grow up.  We bought an older home with lots of charm and plenty of room.  Our kids are happy. We are happy.

We did not expect ourselves to be so homesick for Columbus though.  We knew we would miss our friends, but I do not think we anticipated how much we would miss them.  Not having had family in Columbus, our friends were our family.  Most holidays and weekends were spent with them.  Our kids grew up with their kids. A is too young to verbalize what he feels but H misses Columbus too.  She has been asking about her friends in Columbus, and likes to look at their pictures on Facebook.We all feel a bit lost without them.

I keep reminding myself that it takes time.  We have been here a matter of months, while we were in Columbus 6 years.  We have great friends here that we knew from previous parts of our lives, who we love and feel fortunate that we are close to once again.  And we are meeting new people all the time.

But Columbus peeps- we miss you more than words can say!  I think that's part of why we were ridiculously excited when a Jeni's ice cream opened here in Atlanta.  This is a Columbus based business that was down the street from our house in Columbus.  It opened last week and we visited over the weekend.  H especially was so excited when we walked over the bridge and saw the Jeni's sign.  We walked in and felt like we were back in the Dublin scoop shop.

We were joined by one of my best friends who I have known since my freshman year of college.  As we sat and ate ice cream together, and the kids played, I was reminded that while we are aching for the past, the present is pretty damn sweet too.


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