What two year olds do

Dear H and A,
This blog serves as a record as our lives together as a family.  I usually try to keep it mostly positive and about the things that I want us all to remember about your growing up.  Although today was not our finest day as a family, I think it deserves attention as well.  Parenthood is hard, and you might find this useful some day.

Today was not my best day as your mother.  We are going on day 5 of your dad being out of town at a meeting and we are all exhausted.  We ran out of milk, so I loaded you all in the car and we went to Publix.  After the free cookie was gone, A, you lost it.  You started shrieking so loud that many people started to stare, and give me dirty looks.  You were not upset.  You were just bored.  The more I told you not to scream, the more you did.  The more people stared, the more upset I got.

We made it to the check out counter and your screaming continued.  My face turned red, and I started to cry.  The clerk mumbled, "have a good day", not wanting to look in my eyes.  We made it to the parking lot, tears streaming down my face.  A stranger, also a mom, saw what had happened.  She gave me a hug and said "we have all been there".  She told me to go home and have a glass of wine.  Had it not been 10 AM I would have.

H, you were upset when we got home.  You told me this was the first time you had seen me cry.  I told you it was ok to cry, and sometimes mommy cries when she is frustrated.  You told me that mommies with 2 year olds must cry a lot.  You said that is just what two year olds do.  You were exactly right on both accounts.

Being your mom is the most important and most difficult thing I have ever done.  I love you both very much, every single day.  I hope that you both get to experience the ups and downs of parenthood.

And when you call me crying because your 2 year old was shrieking in the grocery store, remember this too shall pass, some strangers are actually kind, and that's just what 2 year olds do!



  1. Pam, I just stumbled across your blog on Facebook and have to say this is a wonderful blog! While I can't relate to having children, this entry is still extremely moving and entertaining. I can't believe how insightful H is! What a bright and wonderful daughter you have raised. Congratulations on the new phase of your life!


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